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A Revolution in Sports Pitch Construction

An innovative new shockpad and base system that has been two years in development, Notts Sport’s ShockWave tiles and ShockWave EcoBase System are set to revolutionise the construction of synthetic sports pitches.

ShockWave tiles – so-called because of their wave-like contours – slot together like jigsaw pieces across a prepared base foundation to form a combined upper base and shockpad performance layer.

Notts Sport has used a similar tile system as part of it’s trusted ChildsPlay solution for many years, and following intensive research, has enhanced this product for use in sport with an upgraded thickness and density.

ShockWave is laid on top of a reduced depth stone topped with a synthetic grass surface to form the ShockWave EcoBase System.

The structural stability provided by the ShockWave tile means that half the depth of quarried aggregate is required, helping to halve the installation time and reduce your carbon footprint. It means the 100% recyclable ShockWave system is a much more environmentally-friendly solution than alternative designs.

ShockWave is guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years for compliant performance for World Rugby (Reg. 22), FIFA, GAA and Rugby League, making it ideal for 3G pitches.

Constructed from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) – which is used in car bumpers, cycle helmets and packaging materials – ShockWave was developed in consultation with major sports governing bodies.

The system has gone through full laboratory testing at Loughborough University and MIRA, with further performance and drainage testing at independent accredited test houses.

A patented product, ShockWave is being launched first in the UK and then rolled out worldwide in due course.

Benefits of ShockWave & ShockWave EcoBase

The ShockWave EcoBase System offers sports facility providers a myriad of benefits – and here are just a few:

ShockWave Cross Profile

Shockwave – Taking Synthetic Turf Rooftop Installations to a New Level

Synthetic turf is becoming commonly used in rooftop situations and the patented Notts Sport ‘Shockwave Eco Base’ system provides the ideal design solution, particularly where the area is to be used for sports or any other aerobic activities.

Constructed from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) – the same material used in car bumpers, cycle helmets and packaging materials – ShockWave was developed in consultation with major sports governing bodies.

The system is the ideal solution for a rooftop synthetic turf facility and can be installed in conjunction with a variety of synthetic turf types. Notts Sport can meet and discuss the surface options to ensure that the right combination and design is employed to as closely as possible to offer the best possible performance for your project.

Some key benefits of the system when used in a rooftop scenario;

• Programme benefits - the Shockwave system is performing the function of being both a base layer and shockpad which reduces overall installation time compared to other systems
• Reduced loadings on the rooftop. The Shockwave tiles are lightweight (approx. 1.95 kg per tile)
• Sound reducing properties – ideal to lessen the noise impact of footfall on the floor(s) below
• Enhanced playing performance standards for many sports – the Shockwave system, when an appropriate 3G synthetic grass is selected for installation with Shockwave, this would provide a surface that meets the FIFA 1*, the new World Rugby Regulations, Rugby League and Gaelic Football!
• Easily transportable (each Shockwave tile measures 1.20m x 0.90m)
• Simple installation process – ideal where rooftop projects have multiple trades working concurrently
• Thermal properties – tests show the system provides the same insulation as an aggregate blanket more than a metre deep!
• No large machinery required – helping to design out risk
• Can even be installed with a bedding layer to allow installation even on a rooftop that is not constructed on a single plane
• Excellent horizontal drainage properties meaning can be installed over a non-porous base membrane if required
• Extensively laboratory tested at Loughborough University and MIRA, with further performance testing at independent accredited test houses
• Cost benefits compared to other rooftop systems
• Guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years

Notts Sport has developed an enviable world-wide reputation for high quality, artificial sports surfaces and multi-use games areas with an impressive portfolio of clients that includes sporting bodies, clubs and associations, schools, local authorities and the private sector.

We have more than 30 years’ experience in designing, advising upon and supplying non-turf surfacing for cricket, tennis, hockey and football – and we offer a comprehensive service, from our free consultation and design advice right through to installation and aftercare.

All Customers enjoy our unique & free Design & Advisory Service based on Notts Sport supplying your chosen synthetic grass. This means we work at risk but ensures you have the best chance of achieving your project goals from feasibility studies, to planning, to specification, to tender and aftersales.



Independent Test Results

LSUK.15-0514 FieldTurf_Inc._Desso iDNA X 60-16 Shockwave (FIFA Client)
LSUK.15-0514 Desso Sports BV_iDNA X 60 ShockWave World Rugby Reg 22
LSUK.15-0514 Desso Sports BV_iDNA X 60 ShockWave RFL Lab Report
LSUK.15-0514 Desso Sports BV_iDNA X 60 ShockWave GAA Report

LSUK.15-0515 FieldTurf_Inc._360 XL 60-13 + Shockwave (FIFA Client)
LSUK.15-0515 FieldTurf Inc_360 XL 60-13 + ShockWave_World Rugby Reg 22
LSUK.15-0515 FieldTurf Inc 360 XL 60-13 + ShockWave_RFL_ Lab Report
LSUK.15-0515 FieldTurf Inc_360 XL 60-13 + ShockWave_GAA Report

15-0236IT-B RP074-001 EN ISO 12958 - ShockWave Horizontal Drainage - July 2015

LSUK.15-0441 ShockWave Tests - July 2015


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