In 50 years of synthetic turf pitches there have been many inventions. Some have lasted, some have faded away, but always the goal is to improve on what has gone before.

ShockWave EcoBase is a revolutionary new combined base and shockpad combination for 3rd Generation (3G) synthetic turf pitches created following a comprehensive two year research and development period, by leading synthetic sport & play experts, Notts Sport.

Incorporting patented technology, and using state of the art supply chain processes, ShockWave EcoBase delivers elite standard 3rd Generation (3G) pitches, meeting, and often exceeding, all recognised performance standards for football, rugby (union & league) and Gaelic Football.

In so doing it brings the following wide range of benefits to your scheme:

- ShockWave maximises player comfort for a range of sports – rugby, football, hockey, GAA
- ShockWave offers long term (30 year) performance warranty - peace of mind for you and your users
- ShockWave increase player safety - achieves 2.3m HIC results against the World Rugby increased standard of 1.3m
- ShockWave provides thermically stable performance - tests show the system provides the same insulation as an aggregate base more than 1m or sand to 1.7m deep avoiding issues over frost heave in cold conditions
- ShockWave shortens construction periods - your pitch will be ready sooner, minimising disruption to schools and clubs a construction period as short as 8 weeks
- ShockWave is genuinely environmentally friendly - the amount of quarried aggregates is halved and lorry movements to site are reduced by up to 150 visits
- ShockWave is 100% Recyclable - no material sent to landfill
- ShockWave is cutting edge technology – verified by manufacturing & supply chain partners, including DS Smith® & ARPRO®
- ShockWave offers high capacity vertical & lateral drainage performance - creating a compliant drainage design against standards such as BRE 365 in the UK
- ShockWave has reduced capital costs – in conjunction with a reduction in base build costs there is a potential 30% total life cost savings compared to traditional designs
- ShockWave allows reduced resurfacing costs – only the surface needs replacing, with no extra remedial work needed creating huge life cost savings over the 30 year warranty period.

Working in partnership with leading industry specialists in both construction and manufacturing, Notts Sport are able to provide a turnkey design, specification & construction package for your 3G pitch bringing you the latest design and product innovations and the highest standards to your project.